Our Services
Hoyoung has always strongly adhered to a comprehensive "one-stop" service model and the long-term
cultivation of our high-quality brand – a process rooted in years of hard work and dedication.
By integrating the entire home renovation process, we provide interior design planning, construction engineering,
furniture manufacturing, and furniture and home aesthetics configuration services – offering our clients a "one-stop"
service in creating the home of their dreams.

Interior Design
Exceptional homes based on the origins of Feng Shui,
creating a harmonious living environment
We at Hoyoung invest ourselves vigorously in the field of interior design, actively pursuing the highest quality of refined design.

Our design team is very particular about design details. Through meticulous communication and full understanding of every client’s needs, we master the art of scale and proportion exquisitely, and through our usage of high-quality materials, color, and art installations, we showcase the essence of modernity and classicalism. Meanwhile, we are able to incorporate traditional Feng Shui concepts with smart technology into our designs, breaking through traditional taboos and creating better spatial flow and accessibility. Our core concepts of having“ample sunlight, flowers blossoming, wind blowing, and water flowing”are used in our planning, and help create a harmonious environment rooted in the origins of Feng Shui.

Construction Engineering
Breaking through renovation site
constraints and optimizing the renovation work flow
We are constantly committed to breaking through renovation site constraints and optimizing the renovation work flow in order to resolve technical issues and remain on schedule. Although our furniture is manufactured on-site in our factory, upon final delivery and assembly to your home, fits perfectly as if built within the walls of your home. Furthermore, the full-length scale of our factory equipment and environment over the renovation site allows for better regulation and stability in our quality control. And with the digitalization of our factory and information management system, the design team at Hoyoung is able to effectively complete projects with ease.
Custom Furniture
Tailor-made custom furniture design,
exclusively built for our clients
Due to differences in style and preference, when it comes to selecting furnishings, you should never have to settle for or feel limited by the constraints of ready-made furniture. The advantage of Hoyoung is in the customization of our tailor-made furniture designs, which can be based on each and every client's individual style, traits, and preference – all custom-made to fit perfectly within our elegant lines and layout, igniting a beautiful spark in visual display.

Imported Furniture
Providing a selection of imported European
and Asian furniture brands,
creating an even more extraordinary and elegant space
We at Hoyoung Furniture are adept at creating beautiful visual-spatial home designs, making an overall space even more elegant and extraordinary. With the establishment of our International Trade Department, imported European and Asian furniture are combined with our in-house home furnishing design store aesthetic services,to provide homeowners with the tools to make living spacescozy yet tasteful.

Home Furnishing Design Store
Integration of a wealth of home aesthetics resources,
and overseeing the entire configuration with sincerity
With our headquarters located in Linkou, Hoyoung integrates a wealth of home aesthetics resources to meet our clients'needs of seeing their completed furnishings directly, and being able to actually touch and feel the materials used – providing an added layer of security and guarantee in quality.

At the same time, using a combination of home decor and furniture, we carefully examine the space as a whole, making sure that the space not only fully reflects our clients' expectations, but furthermore offers a unique taste and attitude on life.