About Us
| Company Introduction |
Innovation is a never-ending road.
Our philosophy at Hoyoung is to operate with sincerity and provide services of integrity.
Starting from the interior design plan, customized manufacturing, furniture and home
aesthetics configuration, to providing renovation solutions in the field, to being your
"one-stop" service for complete home renovation.

Break through Design Walls

Hoyoung originally sprouted from furniture
design and production,Incorporating the
science  of  Feng Shui  and  construction
engineering into interior design.
With  the  establishment  of  our own home
furnishing design store & home aesthetics
configuration services, We are able to unite
different fields together, creating an innovative,
full range of complete integrated services.

Providing Renovation Solutions
for Our Clients

Hoyoung simplifies the complicated
home renovation process,Implementing
a fullrange of renovation services.

Using cross-domain integration,
our clients can feel at ease and happy
in their new homes.

Simplifying the complicated renovation process,
and treating our clients’homes as our own,
Hoyoung builds exceptional homes using love as the foundation,
making it easy and effortless to help our clients realize the home of their dreams.
| Business Philosophy |
Using comprehensive
resources to fully create the
most optimal living environment

Hoyoung serves our clients with
professionalism and dedication.
Allowing our clients to enjoy a
higher level of design quality,
We provide earnest execution of
each and every project,
Focusing on every single detail,
And refining every aspect of our furniture.
Our design team is happy to take on new
challenges. We are keen observers and
planners,and masters of new trends in art,
Creating the best living environment using
our comprehensive knowledge.

Full-scale Integrated Services:
Breaking through Design Walls

Advantages of our own original
  furniture manufacturing

Rigorous quality design
  team training

Imported furniture and
  home decor configuration

Digitalized management system

Incorporating design with
  thescience of Feng Shui